Risk Communication Discussion with Prof V S Ramamurthy

A good method of communicating risk can help save lives and money. A good example would be the campaign against passive smoking. In the 1990s smoking was heavily promoted and people smoked indoors in homes and public places. This was a risk to public health. Government cannot ban smoking because a lot of tax wasContinue reading “Risk Communication Discussion with Prof V S Ramamurthy”

Risk Communication Discussion with D.K. Srivastava

Historical epidemic events showed us the big gap in communication between the authorities and people where proper risk communication methods could have saved the lives of millions of people. At the time, the medical field was not developed so scholars and people assumed certain myths about that disease. Misinformation and extent of fear at thatContinue reading “Risk Communication Discussion with D.K. Srivastava”

Risk Communication Discussion by K. S. Parthasarathy

Risk communication is particularly important in today’s technological world where fake news travels faster than true facts. Every entity which poses a certain risk is scientifically well assessed and proper guidelines and information are always available. Due to a lack of proper risk communication, people perceive the wrong picture which is based on unscientific factsContinue reading “Risk Communication Discussion by K. S. Parthasarathy”

Stories of Risk Communication

Misconceptions, Misinformation & the Media Nuclear Energy in India has faced oppositions from both anti-nuclear groups and the general public. These sentiments stem from fear and a lack of proper understanding of both science as well as policy. Dr. KS Parthasarathy narrates his run ins with the media and handling of misconceptions & misinformation duringContinue reading “Stories of Risk Communication”

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