Summary of “Let us Discuss RiskComm” with Prof VS Ramamurthy

“Let us Discuss RiskComm” There is no aspect of human life that is untouched by science and technology in some form or another. High technology products and services are no longer the luxuries of the rich. Although the public perceives science as the provider of the solutions to enhance the quality of life, novel technologies areContinue reading “Summary of “Let us Discuss RiskComm” with Prof VS Ramamurthy”

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, previously known as Atomic Energy Establishment (AEET), was instituted in January 1954 for multidisciplinary research program essential for the ambitious nuclear program of India.  BARC carry out pioneering research on nuclear and accelerator technologies. The beginning of the research being pursued at IGCAR, RRCAT, VECC etc has originated at BARC.  The research carried out at BARC has led toContinue reading “Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)”

Stories of Risk Communication

Misconceptions, Misinformation & the Media Nuclear Energy in India has faced oppositions from both anti-nuclear groups and the general public. These sentiments stem from fear and a lack of proper understanding of both science as well as policy. Dr. KS Parthasarathy narrates his run ins with the media and handling of misconceptions & misinformation duringContinue reading “Stories of Risk Communication”

Successful grid synchronization of first 700MWe IPHWR

The first unit of Kakrapara Atomic Power Plant 700MWe Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (IPHWR) was synchronized with the grid on 11:37 hours on 10th January 2021. Earlier the reactor attained criticality on 22nd July 2020. This is the largest size indigenously designed PHWR reactor connected to the grid. The Government of India has alreadyContinue reading “Successful grid synchronization of first 700MWe IPHWR”

Nuclear and Radiation Terminologies-1

Radioactivity: the spontaneous decay or disintegration of an unstable atomic nucleus, accompanied by the emission of ionizing radiation, generally alpha or beta particles, often accompanied by gamma rays from the nuclei of an unstable isotope.  Half-life: the time required for the activity of a given radioactive substance to decrease to half of its initial valueContinue reading “Nuclear and Radiation Terminologies-1”

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