Small radiation spike at Chernobyl nuclear plant seized by Russian forces

The radiation monitors near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant showed a reading of up to 9.46 microSieverts per hour. According to IAEA, the readings are low and remain within the operational range measured in the exclusion zone and therefore do not pose any danger to the public1. The radiation spike was caused by the movementContinue reading “Small radiation spike at Chernobyl nuclear plant seized by Russian forces”

The parable of nuclear power

Nuclear energy has always been in limelight. In movies, it portrays as something which makes Hulk or Godzilla. It is constantly in the news because something has gone wrong. But nuclear energy is safe, reasonably reliable, and efficient. Abandoning it will make it impossible to fight climate change. So, why nuclear energy makes up onlyContinue reading “The parable of nuclear power”

Space is entering nuclear age

Messrs Bezos and Branson blasted off to experience the zero-gravity in space last year. Soon they were followed by four more tourists in a capsule made by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The race to space is heating up. The winner will be decided by the efficient use of rocket fuel. So, rocket scientists are looking forContinue reading “Space is entering nuclear age”

How many lives has nuclear power saved?

When people talk about nuclear, they often focus on the deaths caused by it. On the contrary, the use of fossil fuels causes 3.6 million deaths every year because of air pollution (Jos Lelieveld et al. (2019)). Replacing nuclear energy with fossil fuels kills people. Most of Germany’s energy deficit from scraping nuclear energy isContinue reading “How many lives has nuclear power saved?”

Debunking Some Common Nuclear Myths

Myth: Nuclear power is not safe. Fact: Statistical evidence confirms that nuclear energy is one of the safest ways to produce electricity. As of October 2021, 441 nuclear reactors are operating in 30 countries around the world with only three major accidents (Statista). In India too, with 23 reactors operating and about 350 reactor-years ofContinue reading “Debunking Some Common Nuclear Myths”

Nuclear Technique Cuts Mosquito Population In Cuba

A pilot experiment of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) was conducted between April and August 2020 in an isolated neighborhood of Havana. In this study, almost 1.3 million sterile male mosquitoes were released in the area reducing mosquito numbers by up to 90% last year. Early reports show that mosquito-borne diseases were eliminated in the lastContinue reading “Nuclear Technique Cuts Mosquito Population In Cuba”

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

With the growing demand for energy and global temperature rising there is a continuous struggle for a reliable and green source of energy. Governments are now looking towards nuclear power a non-direct emitter of carbon dioxide, to fulfill the demand and contain the mercury rising. There are challenges to expanding nuclear power – construction bottlenecksContinue reading “Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)”

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