Holtec International received an order for two fuel transportation tanks from NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited)

Holtec International, a US-based nuclear technology manufacturing firm has received the order for two on-site fuel transportation tanks for KKNPP-1,2 VVER reactors. These VVERs are Russian-made pressurized light water-type nuclear reactors located on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu at Kudankulam. Both reactors are owned and operated by NPCIL, which introduced the tender for the design, manufacturing, constructing, and commissioning of the two fuel transportation tanks. In India, the spent fuel is stored on-site, and the fuel storage facilities are either located near the reactor or away from the reactor (at the boundaries of the plant’s premises). In the case of KKNPP-1,2, the spent fuel storage facility is far from the reactor hence radioactively secure, potent tank technology is needed. Holtec International is widely prominence in this technology (Radioactivity Containment Vessel) and has provided their technology to countries having modern reactors.

The tanks named HI-STAR 149 transportation tanks are special radioactive containment vessels that will be used to transport hexagonal-shaped spent fuel from the reactor to the fuel facility. The reason to buy these tanks is based on their excellent radiation attenuation, heat dissipation and self-criticality controlling capabilities. Numerous works will be carried out by Holtec Asia based in Pune under the Atmanirbhar Bharat (country’s self-sufficiency manufacturing renaissance) mission.

1.  Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., India’s National Nuclear Plant Owner and Operator, Orders On-site Transport Casks from Holtec Asia – Holtec International

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