Nuclear power production in India increases by 28% in 5 years

Union Minister of Atomic Energy and Space Technology, Jatinder Singh while replying to a question asked in Lok Sabha said that India’s nuclear energy generation has increased by 28% in the last five years. In the year 2016, the total generation was 34,162 million units which increased to 43,918 million units in 2021. The share of nuclear energy in total electricity production is above 3.3%. This share is envisioned to further increase by developing and operationalizing new light water reactors with the help of foreign partners. Our country is focused on implementing the 3- Stage program for fulfilling the need for carbon-free clean energy for a sustainable future. Minister cleared the stance on the very small quantity of high-level radioactive waste produced during power generation. He said that waste is separated, processed, and burned with the help of modern technologies developed in our country. Hence, there is no need for underground or underwater waste disposal repositories in near future.  

In the financial year of 2022-2023, the budget allocated to Atomic Energy Sector is ₹86,200 crores which is four times more than that of previous budgets (₹18,265 crores). Budget allocation is also increased in renewable sources of energy is increased to ₹6900 crores. The budget for coal and non-renewable sources (fulfill 70% of India’s electricity needs) of energy has drastically decreased from 933 crores to 393 crores. The decrease in budget pointed out the resolution to reduce the dependency on coal and increase the dependency on nuclear energy and other renewable sources of energy. 

Source: The Statesman

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