Sweden government approves Nuclear Waste Site

About 150 km away from the capital Stockholm, the Swedish government decides to make a deep hole repository to store nuclear waste. The site is situated at the eastern end of Sweden near the Forsmark nuclear power plant designed to store HLW (High-Level Radioactive Waste) for 10,000 years. The spent fuel and nuclear waste stored in the copper canisters will be buried under 500 m below the ground.

More than a decade of the facade and long-going debates to safely handle nuclear waste are about to end with a positive outcome. The fuel repository will help to safely store nuclear waste of over 50 years of Swedish nuclear power operations. Sweden produces about one-third of electricity from nuclear energy and continuously faces power shortages and high electricity prices. With the growing need for power and conclusive substitute for coal, the demand for nuclear power plants is increasing globally. Studies showed that geological disposal is one of the safest ways to store nuclear waste until innovative technologies like Accelerated Driven Systems (ADS) have been developed. ADS can convert the long-lived radioisotopes to short-lived ones which can resolve the issue of nuclear waste.

Source: Bloomberg

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