European Union plans to classify Nuclear as Green Energy

Nuclear energy has always been in the good books of the unperishable debates done all over the world to declare nuclear as green energy. The results showed when European Union, the third most carbon-producing entity drafted landmark proposals to classify nuclear energy as green energy. Although the proposal must be passed by the majority of the member states of the European parliament.

It is a crucial step forward to make nuclear as an important contender for achieving Europe’s net-zero greenhouse gas emission goal by 2050. Also, it proves to be the revival of the diminishing nuclear industry in the European continent. The drafted rules are intended to supply financial support to the renewable energy sector. The European Commission cleared that nuclear energy always contributes towards the transition ahead for the renewable-based future.

According to the draft, if new nuclear power plants enhance the utmost safety standards and prompt up-gradation are to be considered under sustainable investment by 2045. In Europe, the longest political debates on nuclear energy are on verge of a conclusion and the political tide has turned in favor of nuclear energy. Eastern Europe has always been the leading consumer of coal. Hence, the region wants more investment in nuclear energy and shortening the dependency on coal.

The rules in the draft were also framed to channelize the trillions of dollars for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) cause funds for the development of the nuclear power sector. The investors are sighting nuclear energy as a potential power source for modern industries, desalination plants, and crypto-currency mining.

Source: The New York Times

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