Rosatom REMIX fuel began trials in Balakovo Nuclear Reactor

Russian Atomic Agency, Rosatom has begun the trials of the REMIX fuel. REMIX fuel is a mixture of recycled uranium and plutonium fuel extracted from the spent fuel along with enriched uranium fuel. Such fuel will reduce the cost of enrichment, provide high burn-up and improve the overall efficiency. The uranium and plutonium extracted from the fuel can be utilized in a cycle which lowers the risk of proliferation.

Six assemblies have been loaded in Balakovo nuclear plant to evaluate the information before licensing and commercializing the fuel. Fuel’s behavior at elevated temperatures and its influence on reactor dynamics will be noted during this trial. Before these trials, a test was conducted by fueling the few rods with the REMIX fuel in the Balakovo reactor for five years which ended in September. Fuel is currently under regular assessment and inspection in the cooling facility.

Source: World Nuclear News

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