Anil Kakodkar on net-zero target and nuclear power of India

An eminent nuclear physicist and the former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India, Dr Anil Kakodkar said that nuclear energy can alone provide low-cost electricity and help match the energy supply to the demand of the nation. He emphasizes that India cannot meet the net-zero target without nuclear power.

He endorsed the achievements of the nuclear power sector of India and the country’s pledged goals at the global climate conference, involving the increase of renewable energy capacity to 500 GW and subsequently cutting the energy production from fossil fuels to half, by the year 2030. Increasing the share of renewable energy to such an extent would lead to grid stability problems, in turn, steering to a higher cost of power. In such a case, nuclear power alone could provide low-cost power and grid stability in an effective way.

Underlining the slow expansion of nuclear power in the country he implied there is a dire need to accelerate the nuclear power rollout. The fast-track growth of nuclear power is possible now more so than ever as the nation’s nuclear technology capability has advanced and the unavailability of domestic uranium is a thing of the past.

Source: Business Line

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