Finland Commissions a New Nuclear Reactor

Olkiluoto-3 (OL3), a European Pressurized-water Reactor (EPR) is the new nuclear reactor commissioned in Finland after 40 years, making it a historical moment for the country.

This reactor alone will produce 14% of the total power and 40% of the nuclear power capacity of Finland. After achieving the first criticality and performing several commissioning tests, it is estimated that the unit will be connected to the national grid by the end of January 2022. This unit currently produces 500 MWe and will operate at its full capacity after June 2022.

The construction of the OL3 started with the joint consortium of Areva and Siemens in 2005 and the completion was scheduled for 2009. Due to some setbacks, this project faced a huge spat from financial issues and several technicalities during safety tests.

Satilyturvakeskuksen (STUK), the radiation and nuclear safety authority of Finland said the plant has been through rigorous safety procedures.  The permission has been granted to conduct commissioning tests while raising power. This plant will provide safe, reliable, and zero-carbon electricity generation to the people of Finland for the next 40 years.

Source: World Nuclear News

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