Construction of Unit-6 at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Started

The foundation slab of the unit-6 reactor building at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) was laid on Monday (December 20, 2021).  This power plant is a joint venture of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and Rosatom (a Russian state corporation), planned to be constructed in three stages.

In the first stage, units 1, and 2 were constructed which now successfully operate with nominal power production. In the second stage, units 3, and 4 are under construction while in the third stage, units 5, and 6 are to be constructed. The third stage began with the construction of unit 5 which started in June 2021, and the foundation slab of unit-6 was laid on Monday.

The plant has six VVER (Russian Pressurized Water Reactor) type reactors each with a capacity of 1000 MW. Once the remaining four reactors start operating, the plant alone will produce 6000 MW.

Source: The Economic Times

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