Rosatom has successfully dismantled the reactor vessel of Barsebek-1 NPP in Sweden

Rosatom, a Russian nuclear company, and NUKEM Technologies, the German engineering company joined together to decommission a 600 MW nuclear reactor in Sweden. A joint consortium with Uniper Anlagenservice to decommission four reactors in Sweden was signed in 2019. Work was done to dismantle the reactor vessel from the Barsebek-1 nuclear reactor. The total weight of dismantled equipment was about 430 tons. During dismantling, the reactor vessel was divided into 13 rings from top to bottom and thermal cutting was used to make the system compact and subsequent packaging into containers. All safety protocols were followed with efficient use of optimized technology along with good relationships with consortium partners who helped to gain these milestones. The dismantling of four reactors is to be done before 2024.

Source: IAEA

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