Nuclear verification mission: New partnerships in support of nuclear technology

IAEA has launched a nuclear verification mission to ensure the support of the all-stakeholder member states along with civil society organizations, foundations, academic institutions, and technology-rich private players. This will help to widen the network of expertise for advanced technology, innovation, and new suggestions for controlling ongoing rapid environmental changes.

Many agreements are signed with International Nuclear Material Management (INMM), and European Safeguard Research and Development Association (ESRDA) to propagate research in nuclear material by sharing knowledge, and expertise. This will help to promote scientific and more reliable safeguard research.

Earlier, Rosatom technological Acadamy (RTA) collaboration has worked on nuclear science and its applications, nuclear energy, and security. Now IAEA and RTA will work together on training nuclear inspectors, nuclear instrumentation, and other research on safeguard policies for IAEA member states.

Centre of Energy and Securities Studies (CENESS) which is a Russian think tank has collaborated to encourage the global dialogue and non-proliferation issues which will strengthen the ideas of peaceful use of nuclear technology.

This will provide the basic framework for the organizations to build up solid safeguard capacity and address the technologies which can be the potential breach for safeguard. Also, examine monitoring techniques and work towards gender parity in nuclear industries. IAEA said that the new partnerships will provide transparent and active communication among stakeholders to help give scientific assistance and resources towards addressing safeguard issues.

Source: IAEA

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