Nuclear energy for net-zero world report for CoP 26 Summit

To represent nuclear energy on the world stage in the CoP26 summit, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) launched an information brochure targeting to phase out coal for energy requirements in the next 50 years. The brochure talked about the benefits of nuclear energy and its resilience against climate change impacts. It was presented at the CoP-26 Climate Change Summit conducted in Glasgow, Scotland in November. The main aim of the report was to start on with a policy roadmap with updated guidelines and urge countries to ramp up investment in the nuclear sector which encourages the countries to tackle the climate change problems.

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IAEA presented a Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) a database for the global nuclear operation to the concerning nations. The database provides information about extreme weather conditions forcing frequent shutdowns and partial power throttling of nuclear reactors located in the effective climate zones. The report talks about the cumulative number of reported weather-related power outages which is four times higher in 2010-2019 than in 1990-1999. Addressing such problems at the CoP26 summit will provide a boost in investments and empower countries to make evidence-based decisions to confront climate change.  

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