Risk Communication Discussion by K. S. Parthasarathy

Risk communication is particularly important in today’s technological world where fake news travels faster than true facts. Every entity which poses a certain risk is scientifically well assessed and proper guidelines and information are always available. Due to a lack of proper risk communication, people perceive the wrong picture which is based on unscientific facts and lack of proper information. This develops certain levels of perception in people in form of myths, false narratives, and fear among people. Nuclear technology has extremely suffered from a lack of proper communication. To reduce the gap this is important to have proper communication directly highlighting the public concern. Myths can be corrected by communicating people by absolute truth with proper scientific facts. This must be done on the various levels of the concerned public even the people with good scientific temperaments aggravate the antinuclear sentiments. Public and media interaction are key to proper risk communication so that true facts can be spread among the people.  

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