Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, previously known as Atomic Energy Establishment (AEET), was instituted in January 1954 for multidisciplinary research program essential for the ambitious nuclear program of India. 

BARC carry out pioneering research on nuclear and accelerator technologies. The beginning of the research being pursued at IGCAR, RRCAT, VECC etc has originated at BARC.  The research carried out at BARC has led to the establishment of industrial establishments such as NPCILNFCECIL, etc., which are spearheading nuclear power production, materials technology and electronics & instrumentation. 

BARC has commissioned the following research reactors: 

  1. Apsara (1956-2010) 
  1. Apsara-Upgraded (2018-Present) 
  1. Cirus (1956-2010) 
  1. Dhruva (1985-Present) 
  1. Kamini (1996-Present) 
  1. Purnima-1 (1972-1973) 
  1. Purnima-2 (1984-1986) 
  1. Purnima-3 (1990-1991) 
  1. Zerlina (1961-1983) 

Apart from the aforementioned field of research, BARC has also developed readily available ‘technologies for transfer’ in the field agriculture & bioscience, radiation technology, advanced instrumentation, medical equipment, engineering, environment, chemical and water technology. Dr. H.J. Bhabha established the BARC Training School to cater the manpower needs of the expanding atomic energy research and development program. 

In case you want to know more about BARC, you can directly contact us with your general queries or feedback. 


  1. BARC Website 
  1. Technology transfer and consultancy & Scientific services 

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