Department of Atomic Energy, India

DAE or ‘Parmanu Urja Vibhaga’ is the one of the premiere nuclear establishment in India. It was founded in 1954 and operates directly under the supervision of Prime Minister of India.

DAE comprises of research centers, several industrial organizations, public sector undertakings and service organizations which directly or indirectly engaged in the development of nuclear technology. This DAE headquarter is in Mumbai (Maharashtra).

DAE has the mandate of:

  • Transformational boost to nuclear energy sector through deployment of indigenous and other proven technologies as well as to develop advanced fast breeder reactors and thorium-based reactors with associated fuel cycle facilities.
  • Production of radioisotopes and progressing other sources of radiation such as accelerators and lasers and develop and deployment of radiation technology applications in the fields of medicine, agriculture, industry and basic research.
  • Developing technologies such as lasers, supercomputers, accelerators, robotics, strategic materials and instrumentation, areas related to fusion research, and eventually transfer of the technology to industry.
  • Encourage and supporting basic research in nuclear energy through collaborations with universities and academic institutions as well as support R&D project in the related domains.
  • New Beginnings and International Cooperation, with continuation to make agreements & MoUs for technical exchange (information and technology).
  • Ascertaining Public opinion and engagement in nuclear energy and applications 
  • The vision is to promote safe, secure and sustainable nuclear energy in association with Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership.
  • Public opinion and engagement in nuclear energy and applications

In case you want to explore more, the links to DAE social media channels are presented below. Or you can directly contact us with your general queries or feedback.


  1. Department of Atomic Energy dashboard.
  2. A comprehensive progress report on achievements of DAE.

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