Nuclear Risk Perception and Communication (NRPC) @ NIAS

To address various determinants of nuclear risk perception
and factors influencing social acceptance of nuclear energy.

We believe in a world where the public understands of the risks and benefits associated with nuclear power. Enable people in informed decision-making in a democratic environment. Our mission is to develop an objective and transparent framework of risk communication and empower the next generation. Addressing the fear of radiation and other concerns relating to nuclear energy is the approach being adopted. We believe that it is important to make informative and objective analysis of issues of public concern is the way forward. Proactive interactions with people is essential for effective risk communication strategies. More…


  • (no title)
    Prof. Dinesh Kumar Srivastava walks us through the History of Plagues, Vaccines, Risk Management and Communication…
  • Successful grid synchronization of first 700MWe IPHWR
    The first unit of Kakrapara Atomic Power Plant 700MWe Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (IPHWR) was synchronized with the grid on 11:37 hours on 10th January 2021. Earlier the reactor attained criticality on 22nd July 2020. This is the largest size indigenously designed PHWR reactor connected to the grid. The Government of India has alreadyContinue reading “Successful grid synchronization of first 700MWe IPHWR”
  • Let Us Discuss RiskComm
    The first in this series is a discussion on Risk Communication with Prof V.S. Ramamurthy, Emeritus Professor and former Director at NIAS.
  • Department of Atomic Energy, India
    DAE or ‘Parmanu Urja Vibhaga’ is the one of the premiere nuclear establishment in India. It was founded in 1954 and operates directly under the supervision of Prime Minister of India.
  • The Economics of Nuclear Energy
    A video to explain a few essential points regarding the CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour by conventional sources (coal and natural gas) compared to renewables and nuclear energy.
  • Nuclear and Radiation Terminologies-1
    Radioactivity: the spontaneous decay or disintegration of an unstable atomic nucleus, accompanied by the emission of ionizing radiation, generally alpha or beta particles, often accompanied by gamma rays from the nuclei of an unstable isotope.  Half-life: the time required for the activity of a given radioactive substance to decrease to half of its initial valueContinue reading “Nuclear and Radiation Terminologies-1”

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It is always important to ask questions before making an opinion. Perhaps you’re to know about the effects of radiation on human beings? Or weather the safety of Nuclear Power Plants are adequate? Please let us know, write to us, we’ll provide you the answers and reach you out.

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You can get involved by becoming a Volunteer. Just send us e-mail indicating your domains of interest, how you would like to get involved and your preferred social media platforms. It is important to network to create an impact and provide authentic and important information about nuclear energy, to enable people to take informed decisions.  

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Ascertaining what people think and perceive is an important step in arriving at effective communication strategies. Periodically, we would conduct Surveys and Polls to reach out to people. The focus would be relating to Nuclear… 

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